Pasta Technology Patented Super Fine Series “SFS” 5″ X 9″ Cylindrical Pasta Basket


Pasta Technology Super Fine Series 5″ X 9″

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Pasta Technology Cylindrical Single Ply Series will block 100% of pasta sediment while allowing quick draining. Our patented design utilizes a Certified 304 Stainless Steel fine herringbone mesh less than 1/16″ wide and a 1/4″ skeleton frame cast from the same 304″ Stainless Steel. The Single Ply Series are electropolished for corrosion protection. The Single Ply Series come with a one year warranty. The Single Ply Series are suitable for all stock pot and pasta cooker applications, but designed for fine pasta like angel hair, linguini, capellini and spaghetti. Basket Type: Certified Foodservice 304 Stainless Steel that is electropolished Basket Dimensions: 1/8″ Mesh Fabric Basket Size: 5″ wide X 9″ high Frame Type: Certified 1/4″ 304 Stainless Steel that is electropolished Handle Type: Plastic encapsulation heat resistant with ergonomic grip and open end Availability: In Stock Suited For: All pasta types Application: Stock Pot or any Pasta Cooker Machine We lead the foodservice in pasta accessory sales alongside our distribution partner Winco. Take advantage of our blowout savings!