Bakers Pride ER-2-12-3836 Electric Oven


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The Bakers Pride® model ER-2-12-3836 pizza oven is ideal for high-volume restaurants, offering the same durability and performance as our gas deck ovens but with the low maintenance of an electrical system. This double-stacked model has has two steel decks with 12” deck heights. In each oven, independently controlled, U-shaped heating elements on top and bottom allow for uniform temperatures and perfectly balanced baking.

This model is constructed with heavy-duty, .25″ angle iron frame, which is fully welded to allow for stacking. Other options are available to accommodate the configuration of your kitchen, such as side-mounted controls and special-height legs.

Features at a glance

  • 208, 230, 220/240, or 440/480 V @ 8,000 watts, one or three phase
  • 150–550°F bake thermostat
  • Two steel decks
  • 12” deck height
  • 60-minute timer
  • Independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers
  • Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters
  • All stainless steel exteriors, aluminized steel interiors
  • Spring-balanced, fully insulated doors
  • Fully insulated throughout
  • Heavy-duty steel legs finished with durable Bakertone
  • Two-year limited warranty