About Us

Our Beginning

Pasta Pizza Store offers a comprehensive line of the finest imported Italian food equipment for pasta, pizza and coffee. The company got its start  in 1996 when Cornell graduate student Steve Germano patented the “Original Angel Hair Pasta Basket”, known as the Super Fine Series, or “SFS”. The Super Fine Series pasta basket solved a serious problem Germano identified – pasta slipping through the lining into the water of either a pasta cooker or stockpot.

The Super Fine Series revolutionized the foodservice forever by solving that problem with the introduction of the patented super fine herringbone mesh wrapped pasta basket. The SFS is the original pasta basket designed to block 100% of pasta sediment from passing through the lining. The SFS is US Utility Patented 6,732,636 and licensed to Winco Company, Lodi, NJ Winco. 

Pasta Technology has become the leading source for pasta accessories in the foodservice. Our Super Fine Series and newly patented Single Ply Series are the two best selling, best made, best suited pasta baskets for line service, period. Pasta Technology is the only company that uses metallurgical testing to ensure quality metals.

We are also the only company to offer a 1-year warranty on all accessories we manufacture and sell. Our products are designed by chefs to be used by chefs. All our products go through rigorous testing, and development before they are released to the public.

Our Future

2017 We will be opening a retail showroom to highlight our equipment, provide onsight demonstrations, and cooking tutorials.  

Whether your planning a new facility, or renovating an existing one, give us a call and we will offer free consultation on the best equipment solutions to suit your needs. We will deliver, install, and train if necessary.  Efficiency and performance make all the difference in the restaurant business, we delivered unmatched service within the pasta & pizza sector of the foodservice.  Pasta Pizza Store is your one stop shop for anything Italian.


Pasta Pizza Store

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